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A traveller dreams of exploring the world through various vehicles, and that includes hot air balloons! Put your dreams on hold, and keep this Up, Up & Away luggage tag for the meantime. It has colourful hot air balloon designs that will complement any kind of bag and suits kids and even adults.

The exterior of this luggage tag is made from smooth PU materials coloured in pale blue. The blue is disguised as a bright sky with fluffy white clouds flitting about. Numerous hot air balloons in an array of colours complete the scene.

Inside the Up, Up & Away luggage tag is a bright red colour also made from PU materials. When you open the flap, a plastic enclosure will greet you, here you can store contact information for when an emergency occurs. To fasten this tag to your luggage, you can use the PU leather straps and belt buckle to secure on your bags.

Make the most of your travel experience with the Up, Up & Away luggage tags!

Height: 16.5cm
Width: 6.2cm
Depth: 1cm

*All Dimensions are approximates

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