Routier Microfibre Towel

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A keen cyclist braves the road no matter what the weather may bring, but he also cleans himself up and his gear after every long ride. So, here comes the Routier Microfibre Towel for the rain-soaked rider.

This microfibre cloth is constructed to efficiently absorb fluids and moisture while staying non-abrasive on various kinds of surfaces. It comes packaged in its own portable cylindrical carry case, keeping it dry and ready to wipe away all the water from your saddle and other cycling gear, as well as the sweat from your skin. In turn, the same plastic storage also keeps the towel from all your dry stuff after use.

The unique highlight of this product is its main design featuring a sepia-toned photograph of a 1920s Tour de France cyclist, which makes it quintessential present for the passionate cyclist.

Height: 60cm

Width: 40cm

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