Laundry Room 'Make Do And Mend' Sewing Bag

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When your sewing skills have improved to higher level and a compact and basic kit no longer fits your needs, then you can upgrade to the Laundry Room Sewing Bag.

Improvement in skill goes hand-in-hand with an equipment upgrade. This rectangular-shaped and PU leather-based sewing bag has bigger room and capacity to contain all your numerous tools like a sizeable pair of scissors, various thread reels and spools, as well as other sewing accessories.

This blue and white coloured container from Laundry Room keeps the classic and cute drawings for its overall design, with the additional inscription of the idiom ‘Make Do and Mend’ to keep you inspired with your garment repairs. It’s completed with a smooth zipper closure to keep your sewing tools in one place.

Height: 12cm

Length: 23cm

Depth: 7cm

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