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This chic and fashionable tote bag just begs to 'take me with you,' as in literally, through the square envelope-like patch found front and center. With this much visual flair, who would turn down this request?

This tote bag has a polka dot pattern on the body, with an orange lining to separate the top from the solid beige-coloured base. It has a narrow strap to be easily carried by the elbow pit, but you can also wear it on your shoulder if you're not carrying bulky items.

The outer material used is PVC which accounts for the light weight of the tote bag. Inside, you will find cream cotton lining the walls which protects your items by acting as a sort of insulator and cushion.

If you need a zipped pocket for storing small items like makeup, one is already available inside the bag.

Item Dimensions:
38cm x 33cm x 7cm

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