Nordikka Fox Wallet

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Sporting a cheerful and quirky art from Disaster Designs, this Nordikka Fox Wallet is a break from all those boring black or brown leather purses that we see everywhere.

The captivating fox Scandinavian folk art featured in this Disaster Designs wallet just makes you want to take out your cash all the time! It's creative, it's expressive; it's a symbol of youth.

Money is a serious matter, but why should your wallet be? A discerning fox sits at the front and guards your precious belongings while at the back is a hypnotizing display of floral patterns. Don't be surprised when the cashier pauses for a second as you take out your credit card. This wallet can just be too fascinating at times.

It's not all style either as the numerous slots, six to be exact, allow you to carry cash, different credit cards and ID's, and more. There's also a zip change pocket for your pennies and dimes, while separate note pockets allow you to carry some handwritten to-do or to-buy lists without crumpling them. If you want to keep a picture of a loved one inside the wallet, a photo pocket is also available for that.

Item Dimensions:
14cm W x 11cm H x 2cm D

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