Nordikka Fox Tote Bag

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A fox is a symbol of wisdom, as well as longevity and nobility. However, with this Disaster Designs tote bag, it can also be a sign that you are in touch with your creative side and likes to express it with your everyday items.

This spacious, all-around bag is good for carrying groceries, books, a change of clothes, or whatever you might have to bring on your trip. You don't have to worry about small items that you might lose, because this bag features a zip-closed pocket as well as an open phone pocket for easier access.

Don't worry about carrying heavy items either because the faux leather material makes sure this can withstand the pressure, while also being soft to the touch and fabulous to the eyes of any beholder. The canvas webbing straps also ensure that the strain on the body is lessened.

While the outside shows faux leather, the inside is lined with cotton fabric with gold triangles for a more premiere feel. That's beauty inside and out.

Functional and fashion-savvy, this tote bag is a great all-around bag that you can use in all your trips, or as a treat for your loved one who likes light and bright colored merch.

Item Dimensions:
37.5cm H x 33cm W x 3cm D

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