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Show your love for nature with this tote bag that 1) is reusable so you don't have to use disposable plastics for carrying your goods and 2) designed with a deer, which is a recognizable symbol of wildlife, in its calm and familiar environment.

Where can't you use this tote bag? In dark and mushy environments because this cheerful Disaster Designs is sure to break the mood. This is good for carrying groceries, or for Uni students, books and other academic materials. On casual gimmicks, this spacious bag will hold anything and everything that you have to bring on your trip.

Rest assured that the stress of carrying heavy items is lessened with this bag, thanks to its canvas webbing straps. And speaking of carrying heavy items, the overstitch and bronze metal rivets make this a durable rucksack.

Inside you will find a pocket for your phone or other small effects, because we know how difficult it is to find your lipstick in a jumble of other items. Cotton fabric patterned with gold triangles is what welcomes you as you look inside. After all, the inside matters too.

Functional and fashion-savvy, this tote bag is a great all-around bag that you can use in all your trips, or as a treat for your loved one who likes light and bright coloured merch.

Item Dimensions:
37.5cm H x 33cm W x 3cm D

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