Book Club Box Set (Set of 2)

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Book lovers will find delight with this storage box set from Disaster Design's Book Club Collection. Aside from being a unique travel accessory, it can also work as a home display that will hold your documents and other small trinkets.

The box set is made of wood which makes for a strong make that can withstand the harshness of travel. It will keep your items from liquid, dust, or direct sunlight. When storing documents, this box will keep them from getting crumpled. It can also act as a compact storage so your small jewelry doesn't get lost inside your other travel items.

The easy open mechanism allows you to easily access whatever is inside. On the covers are intricate designs with the inscriptions 'All Things Beautiful' and 'Paradise at Last Found.' The boxes are also stylised to look like books.

Item Dimensions:
19 X 27 X 5

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