Buff And Shine' Microfibre Cloth

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A gentleman should always be polished from head to toe, and that includes all the contraptions and thingamajigs a proper gentleman uses.

Keep your spectacles spotless and your phone screens polished with a swab of Dapper Chap’s ‘Buff and Shine’ Microfibre Cloth. Just a few wipes and no cleaning solution, and your glasses, tables, and mirrors will be clean and pristine in a few seconds.

This microfibre cleaning cloth contains non-irritant materials that are safe for sensitive skin. Its non-abrasive and soft materials ensure a smooth glide on any mirror/glass surfaces without leaving streaks or particles. You can even use them on electronics like your mobile phones, tablets, or camera lens.

A Dapper Man should always be spick and span, so bring a packet of the ‘Buff and Shine’ for easy cleaning whenever and wherever.



Width: 17.5cm

Height: 15cm



Width: 10.3cm

Height: 6.5cm

Depth: 0.7cm

* All Dimensions are approximates

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