Set of 3 Adventure Travel Bags

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Make laundry day simple and hassle-free with this set of 3 Adventure Travel Bags. Each bag has a different size so you can choose the right size to fit your laundry, whether it's a small bundle or a larger bulk of clothing. It's ideal for college students living in dorms, for tourists on holiday, or for people who are travelling. The portable size makes it easy to carry for folks on the go.

The high quality material is soft and lightweight, but also durable enough to carry your laundry. It can withstand wear and tear so you don't have to waste money on replacing torn and damaged laundry bags. You can securely close the bags with the drawstring closure and it's also easy to open when needed. It's great for busy people who've always got their hands full.

The cute and fun travel-themed design makes it great for cheering you up when doing laundry chores. These stylish bags are so versatile that they can also be used as regular travel bags. Use it for carrying gym clothes, toiletries, packed lunch, books, and more.

Length: 70cm

Width: 49cm

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