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Clean-up is a breeze with this microfibre cleaning cloth. Thanks to its special fibre weave, it can easily pick up dirt and wipe away any mess, even without using a drop of cleaning solution. Save money on expensive cleaning liquids or soaps. And prevent skin irritation from harsh chemical cleaning solutions.

This micro fibre cloth is designed to clean dirt from your glasses, laptop screen, phone, tablet and other electronics. It's even great at removing those pesky touch screen smudges. The microfibre cloth is sure to thoroughly clean your eyeglasses so you don't have to worry about leaving any lint particles or streaks. It's soft and non-abrasive too, so your glass lenses, screens and devices are safe from scratches. Enjoy crystal clear vision after each wipe.

This Adventure Awaits Microfibre Cloth comes in a handy pouch so you can bring it with you wherever you go.


Width: 17.5cm

Height: 15cm



Widthe: 10.3cm

Height: 6.5cm

Depth: 0.7cm

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