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With this bookmark, you'll never have to damage your book with dog eared pages ever again. It comes with a magnetic feature that allows you to securely clip it on to pages without causing any creases. It's excellent if you're a book lover who wants to preserve your beloved tomes in pristine condition. It's also great if you're borrowing books from friends or the library and need a way to keep track of pages without leaving any lasting marks.

It features a fun design with an adventure and travel-inspired theme. It's perfect for bookworms who feel like they're going on a grand adventure with every story they read.

The magnetic feature also gives it a secure grip that is great for readers on the go. If you need to bring your books anywhere, the magnets will keep the bookmark from slipping out.

Whether you're reading a paperback or a hardcover, this bookmarker is great for all kinds of books. You'll never lose your page again with this handy magnetic bookmark.


Width: 4.5cm

Height: 13.5cm

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