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Mens Lunch Bags & Drink Flasks

Going to the park for lunch break? Skip going to a fast food joint and bring your own nutritional lunch. Here in Destination Fashion we offer a wide variety of fashionable lunch bags and drink flasks for men.

Going to hike the mountains this weekend? Bring your favourite beverage with one of our stainless metal flasks. These hip flasks have a compact size feature. It’s just the perfect lightweight container to bring along to your hike.

And to complete your hiking equipment, take along one of Bunkerbound's cool lunch bags. These bags can literally keep your food and drinks cool for hours. It can store up to 12 cans. Imagine how many food and drinks you can store!

Take one of Dapper Chap or Soul UK’s water bottle when you go out for a run or cycle. These portable containers come with carabiner carry-clip for easy attachment. You can attach these metal bottles on your bags or bicycles.

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5 Item(s)

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