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Childrens Luggage Tags

Sometimes you just can’t help it when your child’s bag is similar to his/her friend’s. Personalise your baby’s bag with Destination Fashion’s luggage tags. Our fun and stylish tags will surely make your kid’s bag stand out from the crowd.

Match your child’s personality with Bombay Duck’s minimalist design or Decodelire’s feminine design or Stephen Joseph’s bright luggage tag.

All our flight-friendly items are made from durable PU materials. In addition, our tags have sturdy and short tag holders. They will never get snagged in conveyor belts. Rest assured the tags wouldn’t rip off your kid’s luggage.

What’s more, you can insert information in one of our luggage tags. Simply write down your child’s first and last name, where the bag is travelling to and how it’s supposed to get there, and email address.

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6 Item(s)

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