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Childrens Hot Water Bottles

Don’t let the cold bother your tiny toddlers with Destination Fashion’s line of hot water bottles. We have a wide array of cute and colourful hot water bottles and microwaveable heat packs.

Sometimes it feels impossible to warm up during cold winter nights. You can plug-in a space heater, or add coal to your kerosene heater. Unfortunately, those devices pose risks on your family’s health and safety. Instead of cranking up your electric bill, try one of our hot water bottles or heat packs.

Slumberzzz came up with adorable designs that your kids will love to use. Simply fill the bottle with hot water and stick it in between the bed and blankets before your children sleep. Their sheets will be warm and cosy in no time.

Likewise, Soothies’ microwaveable heat packs are a hot commodity. Relieve yours and your child’s headache with a heat pack. What’s more, you can also use this for your back and neck pain.

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2 Item(s)

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