Top five reviewed products

These favourite Destination Fashion items have been reviewed multiple times and earned the title of Customers Choice.

Whether you're just nosey about what everyone else is buying (no shame) or looking for the best deals to shop, get ideas from this top 5 list, including travel wallets, a handbag and a toiletry bag.

1. Portrait Credit Card Holder Plastic Inserts (22 reviews - 5/5):

A bit boring maybe, but these guys come out on top with our customers. They are an essential for keeping your credit cards separate and easy to access and fit most card holders with a portrait orientation.

2. Bon Voyage Travel Wallet (11 reviews - 5/5):

This travel wallet also comes out tops with you, who could resist the stunning travel scrapbook collage design?

3. Large Hanging Wash Bag (9 reviews - 5/5):

You also love this travel hanging wash bag from noome. Ideal for when you have lots of toiletries to pack, you can just hang this up and go without unpacking again.

4. In a Nutshell Travel Wallet (7 reviews - 5/5):

Another travel wallet makes the customers choice list and you can see why. If you finally want to get organised when you travel this is ideal.

5. Once Upon A Time Red Riding Hood Handbag (6 reviews - 5/5):

This cute nostalgic design is a hit with our customers, sometimes its good to be different and this illustrated bag is definitely a conversation starter.

What do you think of our top 5 reviewed products? Please let us know – all comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Customers choice

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